About Us



Our mission is not only to make the best liquid-repellent clothing but set a new standard for everyday clothing. 

Through careful research and endless testing, we empower eco-friendly natural fabrics throughout the manufacturing process.



The Journey To Clothing 

Creating the supreme everyday clothing didn’t happen overnight. It all started with an idea on a dinner table back in 2018. After a lot of hard work and a clear vision of our brand, in 2020 we are ready to take on the clothing industry by storm. 


Fabric Research 


The Lotus Effect 

Our fabrics are made with a help of Lotus effect. The lotus effect refers to self-cleaning properties that are a result of hydrophobicity



Founded in early 2019 with the ethos, “The Future of Clothing” From our early production runs, we realized that hydrophobic clothing could actually revolutionize the clothing industry. 

Combining the Lotus effect with our clothing created a supreme T-shirt, making it a new standard for everyday clothing. 

When we first launched  first launched in 20


Herodry is a small lifestyle brand committed to change the way we think and wear our clothes. Not only to look good but also to wear your clothing longer. 



HeroDry was started in 2019 in Helsinki, Finland and since then we've grown into the US, AU and CA



"First we thought how cool it would be that if we could build a T-shirt that can keep you clean instead of absorbing dirt and stains.
Soon after our first launch in 2019, we received amazing feedback and soon we realized that we can actually revolutionize the clothing industry."

Founder of HeroDry.